For Enquiries regarding the Old Bikes Register of Blueliners Australia please contact:

​Registrar: Ray Godkin

Blue Liners Australia ‘Old Bikes’

104 James Street,

Punchbowl NSW 2196.

+61 (0) 418 347 021

All rides advertised on the Blue Liners site are considered the official calendar rides for the registrar.

The Blue Liners (Australia) ‘Old Bikes’ has been developed to cater for members with Vintage and Classic motorcycles that are 30 years or older. Our ride calendar incorporates all rides that are published on the official ride calendar of the Blue Liners and also Vintage and Classic rides that appear from time to time through invitations from other Classic clubs and through various publications.


1. Read ALL steps before you begin

2. Print off a copy of your Club Constitution and read the rules

3. Contact the Club Registrar by email (or post ) to verify the eligibility of your motorcycle (make, model and year). Include photos of your bike noting engine frame and VIN if applicable.

4. After the Registrar contacts you, if eligible, proceed to the following steps

5. Obtain a Pink Slip from an Authorised Inspection Station, E slips will not register with the RTA, slips will have to be hand written by the Inspection Station OR contact the club registrar to arrange a club Inspector, if location permits.

6. Obtain an Historic Vehicle Declaration Form RTA1259 from an NSW RTA office or their website. Complete and sign.

7. Print off, complete and sign a copy of the Historic Plate Record Sheet. Click here to download Historic Plate Record Sheet

8. Send to the Club Registrar via post the following:

· Copy of the pink slip

· Copy of Club Membership

· Completed Historic Vehicle Declaration Form RTA1259

· Completed Historic Plate Record Sheet

· Stamped self addressed envelope for return of form

9. Once you have received the returned forms from Registrar proceed to the following steps.

10. Obtain and complete the RTA’s Application for Conditional Registration Form RTA1246.

11. Submit to RTA

· Pink slip or club examiners report

· RTA Form 1259

· RTA Form 1246

· Remember to take proof of identity and club membership

· Bill of sale for your bike

12. Email or Post to Club Registrar the Historic Plate Number and Registration Date, along with an updated photo of your motorcycle showing the plate.


13. N.S.W Rules. This Link has a good summary of the scheme by the Council of Motor Clubs. The RMS is now trialing a 60 day log book scheme. The Blue Liners TMCC Inc. is registered as a participant to that trial. Here is a link to the RMS page with all the details on the scheme, ALSO ATTACHED TO OUR CONSTITUTION. Any member found abusing this privilege will be dealt with without compromise.