Who Can Join

Blue Liners is a Police and Friends Motorcycle Club. A lot of similar clubs are described as Law Enforcement Clubs, but law enforcement officers encompasses a number of occupations engaged in enforcing compliance of various laws, Federal, State and Local but are not Police.

In our club, we we are Police (serving, Retired or former) or our very valuable and necessary friends, the Police can wear a patch identifying them as such and other members wear a round patch (see next paragraph). All members enjoy Full membership rights, all Full members have full voting rights but the Executive Positions of President and Vice Presidents must be a ‘Police’ member.

Blue Liners have 2 distinct patches and we do not wear a Club back patch. In fact, a lot of our members choose to not wear any patches at all.

The first of our patches is a Police styled shield with the Blue Liners logo of the motorcycle and rider and the blue and white chequered band and below that a set of hand cuffs indicating that the wearer is a serving, retired or former (who left their respective Police Force in Good Standing) Police Officer. The second patch is a round Blue Liners patch that has the logo of the man on a motorcycle with a chequered band in the background, this patch is worn by non Police Members.

Blue Liners Australia membership operates in a three year cycle. The current membership cycle expires on the 31 December 2024. The current cost of new membership is $100 expiring on that date. The cost of renewal from that date for the following three years is yet to be set by the Club Executive but indicatively should be about 95-100$ for the three years.

New members on joining the club receive a photoid membership card and the patch applicable to their membership, a metal badge and a decal. They are then able to join the Blue Liners Australia closed groups on Facebook, subscribe to the Blue Liners Australia occasional mailing list.