Blue Liners Australia

Police and Friends Motorcycle Club

The Blue Liners is a vibrant club with hundreds of members comprising serving police, retired police and their friends from many parts of Australia.


AGM 2022

The Club’s AGM was conducted on the 22 October,2022 at Port Macquarie. Firstly, I hope all those that attended the AGM arrived home safe and dry on Sunday. I thank each and every one of you who attended the AGM and thank you for your ongoing support of this great Club.

Numbers were down on previous years, and this is understandable given the prevailing weather conditions and I applaud those that did ride. I also applaud those that used a little thought and travelled to the event in their Tin Tops. No shame in how you get there, it is the destination and the fellowship when you arrive.

We had a great time and important decisions were made by the few on behalf of the many. Having said that, the following are some of the decisions made.

National Executive re-elected unopposed.

Myself. returned as National President, Michael Turek as Senior National Vice President, John Mares as National Secretary and David Robson as National Treasurer.

  • Executive Members

  • V.P Metro Mark Goodwin, replacing Jim Prendergast. The National Executive thank Jim for his support and guidance during the past 3 hectic years

  • V.P North Greg Field re-elected unopposed

  • V.P South Murray Gillett replacing Kim Sorensen. The National Executive thank Kim for his support and guidance during the past 3 hectic years.

  • V.P Newcastle remains Vacant. There was however one nomination for this position, but it was declined by The National Executive due to Constitutional reasons. I have personally spoken to the Nominee and appraised him of the reasons.

  • That is the Clubs Executive for the coming two years

Ride Co-Ordinators

  • Metro Area 3 Positions

  • Appointed by unanimous vote

  • Jim Prendergast

  • Phil Connor

  • Jon Gross

Northern Area

  • Darrall Shaw, Clarence Coast

  • Neal White, Richmond, Gold Coast

  • Mid North Coast remains Vacant

  • Newcastle/Hunter remains vacant

  • Southern Area

  • Position remains Vacant

Blue Liners Old Bikes

  • Ray Godkin is the Club Registrar and Inspector

  • Club Inspector Jim Prendergast

  • Club Inspector Country required

  • As you can see there are several vacant positions and appointments. If you feel you can fill one of this position. Please contact The VP for the area, Ray Godkin/Jim Prendergast Old Bikes, or any member of the National Executive.

Special Thanks,

  • I would personally like to thank Jim Lane, Ride Co-Ordinator Richmond/Gold Coast for his unwavering dedication to his position for the past nine years 4 unappointed and 5 appointed. The National Executive also wish to thank Jim. We wish him well and expect to see him at many club events in the future.

  • I thank all those who were successful in being elected/appointed to the positions mentioned and I look forward to working with you all over the next 2 years.

  • Together we should be able to move the club out of the past three years of chaos and confusion.

  • Don’t forget that even though you do not hold a position within the club, remember that your input is valued so when you see a request for suggestions or guidance regarding rides, destinations or other. Please consider speaking to the writer of the request.


Harley Willox

National President